How To Build ROI By Replacing Manual Cutting With An Automated Laser Cutting System

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In this eBook you will learn how Laser cutters are far more efficient and can generate better results than competing cutting methods. An in-house laser cutter can reduce costs and waste production while increasing the quantity and quality of output.


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• The digital printing industry will enjoy 12.3% annual growth until 2021

• Laser cutters eliminate a second finishing stage

• Dramatic improvements in manufacturing output

• Waste can be reduced from 30% to under 2%

featured customer reviews

"Our VersaTech cutter/router is now a critical part of the business, and an important part of our sales growth formula. The capabilities, and versatility of the VersaTech is a must have in a forward thinking workshop..." - Vivid Images - Hamilton New Zealand

"From the time we put the equipment on the floor, through installation and start up as well as on an ongoing basis, MCT has been alongside of us the entire way. There has never been a time when we needed their help and they let us down. They have always been there for us. Putting the MCT cutter on the floor has simply been on of the better business decisions we've made in a long time." - JJ Keller - Neenah, WI

"If our experiences with the other two vendors were outstanding, we'd never have came to you. Routing on your VersaTech system is great; better than the competitive systems and with no router failures." - Mercury Plastics - Chicago


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