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MCT Digital has more experience in the development of digital finishing than any other American organization today. MCT Digital's founding team and product specialists come from Mikkelsen Graphic Engineering, who pioneered the use of digital flatbed cutters to accurately “cut to print”. Without this innovation, the grand format market could not have grown to be as successful as it is, due to the inability of printers to efficiently finish their printed graphics for sale. This growth was accomplished using MGE's revolutionary vision system, and was later followed by a variety of copycat products.


MCT Digital has a plethora of knowledge and experience in the digital finishing arena; the many substrates, applications, and how best to finish them. After pioneering and introducing Europe’s two leading machine manufacturers to the US marketplace, MCT Digital's mission was to develop a next generation digital cutter made in the USA. The VersaTech and  VersaTech2 were designed and developed specifically to add more versatility and productivity to the end user’s finishing capabilities. This was accomplished by MCT Digital's evolutionary and patent-pending dual belt technology, and “all-in-one” laser-router-blade solution for high performance laser cutting of roll to roll fabrics, acrylics, paper products, and more.


Our philosophy at MCT Digital is to bring a customer-centric approach, offer a wider and more efficient product line, and combine all of that with more cost-effective pricing, to allow digital flatbed finishing technology to become more useful for a wider range of customers and applications. MCT Digital will also continue to provide additional productivity and workflow benefits for its products without leaving behind those who purchased earlier products, including an upgrade path of improvements to the VersaTech2.


The well-being and profitability of its customers’ business is the best guarantee for MCT Digital's own success and continuity. MCT Digital has developed an array of customer service solutions, that will allow our customers to maximize their uptime, and in return, increase profits. An MCT Digital technician is always available by email or phone to provide efficient, reliable, and fast support, wherever your business is located. Our location in the heart of the Midwest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin serves as the base of MCT Digital operations for products manufactured, engineered and supported in the USA. This strategic location lends itself to allowing for efficient expediting of parts, service, and consumables throughout North America and beyond.


about cutguru

MCT Digital also owns and operates CutGuru - supporting 800+ customers worldwide with application support, cutting blades, router bits and mats/conveyors. With the combined experience of MCT Digital & CutGuru, we bring together a diverse knowledge of almost every printable material and digital finishing system used. Through immediate help, and significant stock positions, CutGuru can have your consumable parts to you before others even reply to your inquiry.  Supplying industry standard products to all the popular machine manufacturers, we are able to buy in much higher volume and pass on the savings to our customers. Looking for something that no one else offers? CutGuru offers a large specialty order catalog, or can design a specialty tool from scratch to meet your exact specifications. Located within MCT Digital, and the heart of the historic district of Milwaukee, Wisconsin—home to the world's leading machine shops and machining expertise, CutGuru can certainly meet all of your needs!  Give us a call today.


2017 - Digital Output - Reader's Choice Top 50 Products

"MCT Digital engineers and manufactures the VersaTech2 in the US. It's a three-in-one finishing platform that delivers productivity and sensible automation for both board and fabric rolls. Add options and automation as your business grows!"



According to Nikolai Mikkelsen, MCT Digital's President and CTO, “We are extremely pleased that the SGIA Review Committee was able to see the distinct improvements for digital finishing and workflow presented by our new VersaTech2  'All in One' product line. The VersaTech2 is the only product line in the world that can be utilized with full conveyor automation including motorized roll unwinding or automatic board loading for all tools, whether laser, router, or tangential knives.”


“We are very proud of the combined MCT and Blackman & White team,” said CEO’s Alex White of Blackman & White and Nikolai Mikkelsen of MCT Digital. “Our work was compared to other products in the Finishing category, and we came out on top. That’s quite an accomplishment for our first joint offering into the digital finishing marketplace! The Mastercut Multi-Tech solution is the only solution that can offer three cutting technologies (laser, tangential knife and router) in a single finishing table up to 5 M in width to match the largest grand format printers”


Thirty-eight companies from around the world entered the competition, submitting 80 entries in 21 categories. Evaluated during the 2012 SGIA Expo (Las Vegas, October 18–20), this year’s submissions represented some of the industry’s most innovative digital products.