EngView Package & Display designer Suite is the most user friendly solution that gives businesses the power to SUCCEED.


  • Library of Packaging Designs
  • Library of POP/POS Designs
  • 3D presentation & Integration with Adobe Illustrator
  • 3D Visualization at Every Step of the Design Process

EngView Package & Display Designer Suite is specialized CAD/CAM software for boxes and POP/POS display. The supported materials are folding carton, corrugated board and rigid board.  Powered by an award-winning parametric design technology, EngView uses smart drafting and realistic 3D virtual modeling to easily take designers from the DREAM to the real concept. A comprehensive library of parametric components and designs combined with Adobe® Illustrator® integration deliver a robust kit that enables professionals to CREATE innovative packaging and POP/POS displays.



Tilia griffin

A Powerful, insanely easy, automatic layout solution for wide format printers.


  • Built using the powerful Phoenix nesting engine
  • Simple design, minimal training
  • True shape nesting with any rotation
  • Responsive, responsive, responsive!
  • Bar codes, camera marks, eyelet marks


  • Windows Professional 7-10 (64 bit)
  • MacOS X 10.10 or later
  • Common APPE RIPs: ONYX Thrive or Caldera (additionally PS-RIPs like Wasatch, VersaWorks, etc.)

Tilia Griffin is a powerful automatic layout solution for wide format printers. It sports a modern, ultra responsive interface, beautiful visuals, and intuitive design. Under the hood Griffin leverages the blazing fast Phoenix nesting engine to create true-shape tightly nested layouts, helping drive down substrate costs and increase throughput. A key advantage of Griffin is its vendor neutrality. It is designed to work well with virtually all presses and cutting tables. Any print shop creating layouts manually and struggling to meet deadlines or failing to maximize substrate usage will enjoy immediate benefits with Griffin. With it's simple design, little to no training is needed to get up and running.


TigerVision is the newest vision guided, machine front-end and graphical user interface in the graphics industry for accurately cutting printed materials on a grand format flatbed cutter (VersaTech). It has been developed by MCT Digital, a group of experienced industry veterans - who were also responsible for launching the revolutionary vision system for digital flatbed cutters to accurately “cut to print” It is the first major change to the way vision has worked since that time. TigerVision combines vision, editing and machine control features in a simple, intuitive, and modern application, allowing full operation of the VersaTech cutting system from a single user interface with minimal training required.


  • Jobs longer than the table
  • Anchor points
  • Optimization
  • QR Code
  • Tandem mode
  • Custom material profile & standard material library built in
  • Thumbnail images
  • Operator can choose the dot to start with
  • Dynamic Vacuum
  • Fish-eye camera for larger field of view
  • Drag & drop for arranging the order of cutting


Select a material profile to automatically apply the optimal tool settings to your imported file.

table map

Cut to a precise depth anywhere on the table. Minor imperfections in the table surface are measured and compensated automatically.


Locate any indicator dot to start a production. The displayed print image is a valuable visual aid for quickly determining proper job orientation.


Achieve reliable and accurate cut registration on every copy with advanced deformation algorithms. Special features for handling extreme fabric distortions are also included.


Edit cut paths right on top of your print image using a variety of powerful tools.


The web based CUT-Estimator software provides fast, easy, and accurate estimating for digital cutting/routing/laser finishing projects for all major cutter brands. Easy input of cut parameters, "drawings on a napkin" or directly from a PDF cut file for fast and accurate estimating. For many digital finishing projects, it's difficult to accurately calculate the cost of finishing production hours when a customer requests a firm quote - especially before the job is fully defined. With CUT-Estimator, you can now easily estimate costs, set realistic prices and schedule work hours for all types of finishing projects to be performed on digital finishing systems - no matter the project quantity, material type, thickness, printing method, cutting/routing/laser size, shape complexity, and more.


  • Accurate Finishing Estimates
  • Estimates Ready within Minutes
  • Output Estimate Sheets
  • Alternative Cut Contour Documentation
  • Production Plan Sheets
  • Digital Cutting Order Sheets


Make finishing your profit center - CUT-Estimator ensures you precise quotes and information on work hours for all of your digital finishing projects in a matter of minutes. Cut costs with CUT-Estimator and profit from accurate estimations and better equipment utilization on every project. All job tickets are generated as PDF files - easy to use on-screen, as prints or as a digital paper trail with other project data.


All job tickets are generated as PDF files - easy to use on-screen, as prints or as digital paper trail with other project data.


Output Estimate sheets for up to 6 alternative quantities at your fingertips highlighting project work hours and costs.


Alternative Cut Contour documentation for operators showing estimated cut contour/shape for cut files plus suggested "Optimized Idle Movements" to complete jobs faster.


Production planners and system operators receive a Production Plan sheet showing brief order information as well as a top bar for estimated work hours to make digital cutting work scheduling an easy task.


System operators receive a Digital Cutting Order sheet showing material, tooling, speed settings, material quantities, estimated work hours & more.